Monday, 31 August 2009


just got back from a two-week hiatus with the ma and pa. the month of august in spain leaves you with basically no other choice than to holiday. this year's venture was not too far away. my itinerary? eat, sleep, sew and go for the occasional swim with two of spain's finest hosts, my very own parents. it was great fun and i can proudly say that i had the fortunate opportunity to get the scoop on what's troubling the minds of the borderlining elderly in these, our modern times.

anyway. fronted a conga-line with the magical tunes of the handsome fellow pictured above. rocked white pants just before the upcoming labour day(whoo hoo!), and shook hands with a jellyfish that seemed a little hungry and scared. vacationing with your folks can taint even the sanest of minds especially when all you do is sleep, eat, sew and go for an occasional swim.

i'll post some pics of the upcoming sellable ditties asap! they are cute and ready for fall(which is just around the bend!) sweater weather, here we come!

he estado de vacaciones con mis padres estas ultimas semanas. como podáis imaginar, españa y trabajo en agosto, como que no van. en fin... ejercí mi derecho de hacer poco en ese tiempo pero conseguí trabajar y terminar algunas de mis inquietudes fieltresticas(es decir, cosas hechas con fieltro).
haber si mañana hago unas fotitos y podéis ver lo que pronto, pero muy pronto puede llegar a tu casa y en tu jersey! otoño, te doy la bienvenida!!

see you soon.

Friday, 7 August 2009


here's another part of a series that i worked on. a further study of portraiture while reminiscing the heavily decorated walls of yesteryear.