Friday, 25 September 2009

fearful tragedies of the sea...

call it living by the sea but lately i've had the hankering to get some sailor stories into the 3rd dimension. have you read, "the road," by james hanley? "poor sailor," by s.a. harkham which is inspired by the fantastic, "at sea," by guy maupassant?
well, you should.
once i got my fancy on to make some sailor dolls with accompanying gear and tale i looked into sailor stories and came across those.
do you know any others?

yesterday i went into the studio with these sketches under my arm. it's funny how sometimes when you start doing something the only thing you really want to do is go home, make cookies, cake or lord knows whatever other laborious baked good. but then, if you stick with it(and i mean stick with it) you get to this point where you become utterly engrossed. this can happen a lot with me and head building. at the beginning they're just SO ugly and sans a shred of personality. but then, the little mo' fo's starting getting grit and you can't stop until you're done.
i guess that's what the folks back home would call inspiration.
well... i left that studio one happy lass last night. quite happy with the sketch/object translation. these kids got spunk!
now.. only the appendages follow.

empecer algo aveces me cuesta más que ir a misa. últimamente me veo muy interesada en hacer muñecos inspirados en los cuentos de marineros. esas antiguas fabulas de tragedia que te llenan tanto de tristeza. si os interesa, haz referencia a las referencias de arriba.
ayer fui al taller con estos dibujos en mano y me senté para hacer los personajes. cuando empiezas algo así, lo único que realmente quieres hacer es volver a casa y hacer de pastelero(thanks dad!). pero si te pones, y repito, te pones, pues surge algo muy entretenido. yo me pierdo, en serio. y na, pues que estoy contenta con la forma que salieron mis personajes en respeto a los bocetos.
ahora solo faltan los brazos y las piernas....

Thursday, 24 September 2009

vomit rocker pins!!!!!!!!!

last night me and my vomit rocker pin went out for a stroll. there are a bunch of free concerts in and about barcelona this weekend and i thought it would be the ideal occasion to launch my newest felt action.
the original vomit rocker pin was inspired by my good pal, blanco. he's an original rocker although not in the vomit sense. i made one for him on his birthday... but i added the "rock on!" hand for added rockerness.
gonna make a limited edition run of these bad boys. let me know if you want one and if you want it to be a joey or a ramona.

ayer estrene mis vomit rocker pins!!! estamos en la merce y como hay conciertos a tot arreu pensé que seria la ocasión ideal.
estos pins vienen inspirados por mi amigo blanco, un rocker autentico. hice una para su cumple pero sin la mano. ese saludo le da un extra umf... lo que buscaba!
voy hacer una edición limitada entonces si queréis, dime lo! ah! dime si quieres un joey o una ramona ya que los penados cambian un poco.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

been building...

hey there,
here is some of the stuff i've been getting up to at the studio. bird brain remembered to bring the camera today, so here is the stuff i shot to give a sneak peak, pre-glazing.

aqui hay unas cositas que estoy haciendo en el taller, de barro. las casitas son cajitas y serán sitios discretos adonde podrán guardar una variedad de cosas. aun no están esmaltadas. esta semana tengo la intención de acabarlas y cocerlas... cruzar los dedos para mi!

some of the houses(can't decide if all) are going to have little smokies coming out of their chimneys. fun!!
algunas de las casas tendrán humo saliendo de su chimenea(no se si ponerlo en todas!!)

and finally, the factory i had to make. in my mind, it'll be part of a situation which will involve some dolls. maybe cards... and maybe even some picnic accessories. we'll have to wait and see.
y finalmente una fabrica que deseaba hacer. sera parte de una cosa mas grande adonde habrá muñecos y cartas(para jugar!)... y quizás accesorios de picnic también. aún esta en fase creación. haber lo que sale.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

molly (before)...

it's easy to get distracted when you've got so many things on the back burner. I go from dolls to houses back to dolls then to boats. all these things that i'm itching to finish... plus, then there's those pins i wrote about. i still haven't taken a photo yet!! tsk.. tsk.. yes, i also agree.
give a girl a break. they will make it here... soon!

the pic featured here is molly. she's one of the dolls i've been working on. her arm fell off in mid doll creating madness leading to a pause and heavier application of epoxy. post this post, i'm back to the needle with her and hopefully by mid afternoon, she will be finished!
i'll post the after when the girl tells me she's ready.
hope you're well out there!