Wednesday, 31 October 2012

daytona 4...

didn´t have time to make a new poster, but here´s a take on an old one.

ladies and gentleman... c´mon down!

Guy 1: hey, i just got paid!
Guy 2: i know... me too!
Guy 1: what are you gonna do?
Guy 2: i dunno, what are YOU gonna do?
Guy 1: i´ll tell you what... i´m gonna get daytonaed!
Guy 2: fuckin´rad man, fuckin´rad. i´m in!

night of daytona

Guy 1:Hey, you look like a fool on the dance floor.
Guy 2:I know. I can't dance, but they don't know that.
(girls talking)
Girl 1:Hey, did you see (insert your name here)?
Girl 2:Yeah, he's such a good dancer!
Girl 3:I wish he would dance with me.

** at daytona, all your dreams can come true, so buff up them kicks and throw one down!

see you saturday!

Friday, 7 September 2012

picking time...

looks like soon it´ll be time to get used to a whole batch of something new.

bon chance!

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

hard day´s work...

careful... it´s hot out there!

Thursday, 2 August 2012

the finish line...

as the years pass, we just get one step closer...

cheers to all you august babies!

Thursday, 28 June 2012

daytona 3...

i know, i know, it´s hot and even dancing seems stressful. but, fear not pretty little ones!there is ice, fans, cold brews and restless beats!

so, c´mon down to drytown this saturday june 30th to cool off and say hello! sandals, short shorts, and clevage/back hair revealing ditties are allowed!!

se que hace MOGOLLON de calor y ape vivir en la ducha. pero, este sabado 30 junio hay daytona 3... adonde el barrio seco os deshidratará el sudor y ofrecerá cervezas frias con un monton de música "cool"

refrescaté y ven!
hasta entonces!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

daytona 2...

not sure if you´ve got any shrimp on the barbie or communions or weddings planned for next weekend but if you´ve got a whole lot of nothing, c´mon down to DAYTONA pt.2/the second/part deux/la segunda parte for some toe wiggling, hip shakin and rump rucus on the dancefloor.

there will be good tunes, lovely peeps and all round ear to ear smiles!

hope you can make it. it would be grand!
the info is same as last time(except for the time!)

BAR MANTRA c/salvà 21
sat. may 26, 2012

11 in the p.m. til 3 in the a.m.

** PSSSST! Pass it on!***

Bon día a tothom!!

Hacemos DAYTONA pt.2 el sabado que viene y si no estais de barbacoas, communiones o bodas sería genial veros en la pista de baile!!
habrá buena música, gente y zapatos! vení!!!!

los detailles son las mismas(menos la hora que hacemos una más!)

en fin, sería super genial veros de primavera y de pasar un rato together!
besos gente! a ver si nos vemos el sabado que viene!

** decirselo a quien quiera!**

Tuesday, 22 May 2012


some things are best left on the drawing board. i still have yet to make chums with adobe and all her children. sigh.... contrast/saturation/and balance....

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

sky blue sky...

hmmm... if i knew the answer, i wouldn´t be asking. so, throw me a bone: which of the two do you think is better? blue or bluer? it´s the new backdrop for daytona 2. will post more about that next week. si supiera que escoger, pues no estaría aquí, pero en fin, así no es. cual de las dos? azul o max azul? dime!! es el nuevo fondo para daytona 2. ya os dire más acerca de eso la semana que viene!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

going once, going twice...

you don´t get much better than maurice sendak. r.i.p.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012


more than just a party call for girls gone wild. daytona is a union of great tunes, good bevvies and lots of laughs. please come by bar mantra @ c/salvà 21 this saturday april 14th for some of the above and a whole lot more.

til then!

daytona es más que una llamada salvaje de títis calientes en bikini. es una noche que se celebrará en la calle salvà 21 este sabado 14 abril donde las risas, birras y músiquiña serán los protagonistas de toda la noche. espero veros!!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

lost and found...

not having a computer can make posting blogs tough...
but, back for some more and hopefully sooner than later!

this sunday march 25th, we´ll be participating in the 2nd hand market, lost and found.
if you´re round estació franca, drop by espai L12 for some gab, shook and finds. the prices will be cheap and the finds will be had. plus, i´m sure all involved will have more than a bargain or two!

see you there!

si estais por estació franca este domingo, pasaros por el espai L12 para saludar! HABRAN GANGAS!

espero veros!