Wednesday, 29 July 2009

they were sisters...

testing, testing...
here's a double panel drawing i'm working on at leisure. the idea is to do the original in watercolour and this fancy schmansy scan in digital colour.
i will then compare and contrast. the hope is that then you will too.

will post a triple whammy when ready.
hope you are all well out there.


Monday, 27 July 2009

different strokes...

there's different strokes for different folks as the old saying goes.

under the devastating wrath of photoshop, i beg for patience as every waking second has me doubting how much more of it's b.s. i can stand.

choco cinco con los principiantes de fotoshop! maldita sea!!!!

Thursday, 9 July 2009

back to work...

there have been things:
end of year madness. moving. re-moving. more madness. summer intensives...
en fin...
we've finally got the internet up and running and very shortly (as in very, very shortly) i'll have more time on my hands than any unemployed roamer!
so... i declare to make a list of to do's and to (at the very least) attempt to do them(i know you've heard that one before!)

this means: my postings will be more than what recent records have shown.

estaré dando mas vidilla a este blog (espero!)
no se fía hoy, pero mañana si!

aqui: un viejo dibujo de la cual me gustaría hacer grabados. sabe alguien de un sitio en barcelona adonde puedo hacerlo?