Friday, 31 December 2010

now or never....

a slight delay in posting this, but as the folks back at home say, it's better late than never. hope the various xmas festivities were grand and i wish you all the best fo' twenty eleven. let it be grand!

perdón por el retraso, pero como dicen mis compadres, es mejor tarde que nunca y con eso os deseo unas felices fiestas y una gran entrada al 2011. os deseo todo lo mejor!!!

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

cutting craze...

the onslaught of a cutting craze this month has had me blade happy and with it, collage crazy! here's another of this month's recents.
i wouldn't be surprised to see a recurring leisure health theme appear in my rabbit glued ditties as i have an astonishing amount of said themed periodicals. geez, i can't even remember the last time i did something sporty. maybe it's a sign?

últimamente estoy cuchilla crazy! y no con el vello de mis piernas(aunque también, hombre!) si no con viejas revistas de ocio y deporte. no soy partidaria de semejantes actividades o por lo menos no practicante, pero quizás es una señal para el nuevo año?

Thursday, 9 December 2010

closer to the finish line...

events and weekends always coincide. here's a warm one to all those who toasted years and beers this last long weekend! there were many!

los eventos y fines de semana coinciden a menudo (de hecho casi siempre!). este post va a aquellos que celebraron su vejez una otra vez. hubieron muchos!

Friday, 3 December 2010

the last long weekend...

i know it's been a while and there have been reasons.
but, as the last long weekend is nearly upon us, i say forget about it and let's enjoy!
there's hope out there yet!

more posts before the years out!