Wednesday, 31 October 2012

daytona 4...

didn´t have time to make a new poster, but here´s a take on an old one.

ladies and gentleman... c´mon down!

Guy 1: hey, i just got paid!
Guy 2: i know... me too!
Guy 1: what are you gonna do?
Guy 2: i dunno, what are YOU gonna do?
Guy 1: i´ll tell you what... i´m gonna get daytonaed!
Guy 2: fuckin´rad man, fuckin´rad. i´m in!

night of daytona

Guy 1:Hey, you look like a fool on the dance floor.
Guy 2:I know. I can't dance, but they don't know that.
(girls talking)
Girl 1:Hey, did you see (insert your name here)?
Girl 2:Yeah, he's such a good dancer!
Girl 3:I wish he would dance with me.

** at daytona, all your dreams can come true, so buff up them kicks and throw one down!

see you saturday!