Sunday, 13 September 2009

molly (before)...

it's easy to get distracted when you've got so many things on the back burner. I go from dolls to houses back to dolls then to boats. all these things that i'm itching to finish... plus, then there's those pins i wrote about. i still haven't taken a photo yet!! tsk.. tsk.. yes, i also agree.
give a girl a break. they will make it here... soon!

the pic featured here is molly. she's one of the dolls i've been working on. her arm fell off in mid doll creating madness leading to a pause and heavier application of epoxy. post this post, i'm back to the needle with her and hopefully by mid afternoon, she will be finished!
i'll post the after when the girl tells me she's ready.
hope you're well out there!

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