Thursday, 24 September 2009

vomit rocker pins!!!!!!!!!

last night me and my vomit rocker pin went out for a stroll. there are a bunch of free concerts in and about barcelona this weekend and i thought it would be the ideal occasion to launch my newest felt action.
the original vomit rocker pin was inspired by my good pal, blanco. he's an original rocker although not in the vomit sense. i made one for him on his birthday... but i added the "rock on!" hand for added rockerness.
gonna make a limited edition run of these bad boys. let me know if you want one and if you want it to be a joey or a ramona.

ayer estrene mis vomit rocker pins!!! estamos en la merce y como hay conciertos a tot arreu pensé que seria la ocasión ideal.
estos pins vienen inspirados por mi amigo blanco, un rocker autentico. hice una para su cumple pero sin la mano. ese saludo le da un extra umf... lo que buscaba!
voy hacer una edición limitada entonces si queréis, dime lo! ah! dime si quieres un joey o una ramona ya que los penados cambian un poco.

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  1. Ai Evelyn eres super originaaal!! Que bo!!
    La mano "rock on" mola muchooo!!

    Before going to Eire I talked with the director of Merit and he said that I can do the Mock when I come back..
    I'm reading A LOT and I do some exams and grammar.. But you know.. I don't feel really selfconfident so I said to myself.. Okay Míriam think that it's the first time that you do this exam, that the world doesn't end if I fail, and things like that.. But during the night I have dreams (actually nightmares) like that I'm in the speaking and I don't know how to talk!! It's funny in some way ha-ha

    Well, I hope you have an awesome time during "La Mercè", and sorry for the suuuper post!!